Bali Cockfighting


Bali Cockfighting

Why is cockfighting so popular? For one thing it is the slot machine or the bingo game of the third world. A fair percentage of the world’s population seems to be addicted to gambling. In the West, this may require some fairly sophisticated equipment, some odds-making center, complex communications equipment, and an assurance than an unseen and perhaps unknown person will pay up if you win. Not so with cockfighting. One doesn’t even need to own a cock. He can just show up and gamble to his heart’s content – limited only by his pocket book, since all bets are in cash.

Bali game flows

Bali game flows

This is where cockfights come in. Whenever there is an important Balinese Hindu ceremony, there should be a blood sacrifice made to the local butakala to win their cooperation and support. Such a ceremony might range from a rite of passage, to the anniversary celebration of a temple or shrine, to the purification of an area that is known to be adversely affected by butakala. At such a time a cockfight is legal, and, in fact, a requirement. The local cockfighters come in from the cold, so to speak, and do their thing right out in public – perhaps even inside a public temple. The losing cock contributes his blood to the butakala, and all is well.

Odds :
After the first color shouts, made to establish the favorite, those who wish to bet on the underdog start yelling the odds that they want. Thus, the color shouters are the backers of the favorite and the odds yellers are backing the underdog. The object is for two of these opposing betters to find each other in a crowd when they are separated by a distance as great as the width of the arena, packed so tightly together that even standing up is difficult, and walking around is impossible. This is done, however, with great efficiency and ease. There are names for the various odds, as follows:

  • 10 / 9 = dapang
  • 5 / 4  = gasal
  • 4 / 3  = cok
  • 3 / 2  = tludo
  • 5 / 3  = tlewin
  • 2 / 1  = apit
  • 5 / 2  = nglimin

Tour Price :

  •  Price is USD 25 . per person minimum booking 2 person and if more than 2 person the price will be special offer 
  • if single traveler price is USD 40

Includes :
Comfortable Air-conditioned Car, Cold Mineral Water, Parking Fee, English Speaking Bali Professional Driver & Petrol

Excludes :
Entrance Ticket, Performance Ticket, Lunch or Dinner and Other Expense

Others :

  • Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean Guide available on Request
  • The car have been fully completed with necessary license as tourist car

Note :

  • Book in Advance
  • Costumer Satisfaction Oriented.

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